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 C/ Gral. Martinez Campos, 41
 C/ Maria de Molina, 37:
   1a planta
   2a planta
   8a planta
 C/ Bolivia, 13
 C/ Padre Xifre, 5

Industrial buildings L1-L6

Location: Industrial buildings L1, L2 and L3 at C/ Camino de Valdeoliva 8, 10 and 12. Industrial buildings L4, L5 and L6 at Av. de Madrid 47.

Back-to-back industrial buildings in 6 different modules L1 to L6. Constructed of FACOSA-type blocks, industrial buildings L1 to L6 are located within an enclosed area of 20,000 m2 with security guardhouse. Excellent natural lighting and access from a 10 m wide road for trailer transit.
Each module has the following features:

- Large doors measuring 18 feet x 16 feet 5 inch (5,5 x 5 m) for trailers.

- Clearance of 23 feet (7 m).

- Metal structure coated with vermiculite for fire insulation.

- Roofing using the “Villoar II Banco” system (manufactured by Añuri, Pamplona) with insulated aluminium ceilings.

- Reinforced concrete floors.

- The buildings are diaphanous, with offices.

- Lighting, power and fire-fighting installations, fully compliant with the prevailing regulations.

- Air-conditioning and central heating installations, the use of which is optional.

Clarification of Surface Areas: Industrial building L2: Warehouse area 22,604 sqft (2,100 m2) + offices on ground floor: 2,960 sqft (275 m2) + offices on 1st floor: 2,960 sqft (275 m2).


Build L2: 28,525 sqft (2,650 m2)

Build L4: 12,766 sqft (1,186 m2)

Build L5: 18,848 sqft (1,751 m2)


  , L2(2650m2), L4(1186m2), L5(1204m2)

Download L1,L2,L3 plans in PDF
Download L4,L5,L6 plans in PDF
Download plan of the L6 office in PDF

Print logistics L2
Download building L2 in PDF

Print logistics L4
Download building L4 in PDF

Print logistics L5
Download building L5 in PDF

Build L4 + L5 option:

Download building L4-L5 in PDF
Industrial area in North San Agustin de Guadalix, access


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